Adhemar defines first champion in Ferreira da Silva Trophy

Adhemar defines first champion in Ferreira da Silva Trophy

Adhemar Ferreira da Silva’s first champion of the opening stage Exercise This was scheduled for Saturday. The competition took place at the National Center for the Development of Athletics in Bragança Paulista (SP), and continues until this Sunday, with free admission and live broadcast to the public. youtube of the Confederation of Athletics of Brazil (CBAT)

Alain da Silva Volsky (Pinheiros-SP) won the hammer throw with 70.59m, followed by Ralph Re Airton de Oliveira (Orcampi-SP) with 64.02m, and Joo Carlos Percegona de Souza (FECAM/ASSERCAM-PR) Won with 52.61m. M. The champion commented on the victory.

“For the result, it could have gone a little more, but for training, it’s going to come down to Ibero. The preparation is to score well class Ibero and Brazil in the trophy”, said Allan, who has his eye on one of 32 places in his race – a quota defined by world athletics For the Oregon World Athletics Championships from July 15 to 24 in Eugene, United States.

Allen is in the Brazil national team that starts on Tuesday for the Ibero-American Championships in La Nucia, Spain, from May 20 to 22. The athlete posted his best finish of the season in Argentina, where he finished third with 73.81 m.

Photo: Sports Gazette

Alan Volsky celebrates winning the Adhemar Ferreira da Silva Trophy

Women’s and 1500m events

Mariana Grazili Marcelino (IEMA-SP), who won the women’s hammer throw with 66.52m, also focused on the Ibero-American.

“I liked the race because, since the GP Brazil, I was feeling a pain in my neck because of a contraction, and today I scored my second best mark of the year. With Ibero’s energy he comes 68m which is world athletics Set as minimum points and then fight for 70m for Brazil Trophy”, said Mariana.

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Beatriz Dias Moreira (ADC So Bernardo-SP) was second in the race with 54.17 metres, and Gracie Pereira (Pinzón Instituto), in third, with 49.30 metres.

In the 1500m, victory went to Cladion Barbosa Jardim (Orcampi-SP) with 4min48s27 and Leandro Alves Prats (Pinheiros-SP) with 3min58s55. The duo went on to win a lot and say they are preparing for the Brazil Athletics Trophy in July.

“More competitors will be needed to leave a better time, but it was important to continue preparing for the Brazil Trophy”, said Klédion. Leandro said: “It was very simple. My goal is to become a gold medalist, if possible, in the Brazil Trophy.”

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