Adobe Flash: End of support overturns Chinese railway system Internet

Adobe Flash: End of support overturns Chinese railway system Internet

Became one of the first “victims” of the end of a railway system in the northern Chinese city of Dalian Adobe Flash. On the final 12th, the network control panel, developed in Flash and in ActionScript language, is appropriate for the technology, stopped working and suffered instability for a period of 20 hours. The origins of the problem were the disconnects and interruptions that A. Adobe Technology should be put off for good.

A adobe Told the world in 2017 Flash will expire at the end of 2020. Over the years, technology has become controversial Performance and safety issues. After the episode, in practice, the railway network continues to operate in Flash, using older versions and even “pirates” of the program.

Flash Player Has History Of Security Breaches – Photo: Disclosure / Adobe

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The case attracted attention, because Flash, a platform used to bring multimedia applications to the Internet, is uncommon in a rail control system. Nevertheless, those responsible for the service had three years to migrate to a new technology, or even to prevent the consequences of the imminent shutdown of the flash.

Finally, the Chinese Railways returned to normal operation with a simple measure. The solution was to use an earlier version of Flash, which, if not updated, is immune to the shutdown imposed by Adobe.

Problem diagnosis and correction process ended with documentation and going public – Photo: Reproduction / GitHub

Nevertheless, during this process, IT professionals on the network documented that a previous attempt to run the railroad with an old flash failed. This is because the system has automatically applied updates that, once again, have disabled flash and left trains.

In addition, the process included modifications to run on earlier versions The windows, And even “pirated” versions of Adobe technology. These versions support the needs of the train network, bypassing the official versions of the plugin.

Taking information from Wired, Technode, Github I Jalopnik

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