After 37 years, Budweiser left the Super Bowl to support vaccination against Kovid – Diario do Sudost

After 37 years, Budweiser left the Super Bowl to support vaccination against Kovid - Diario do Sudost
Budweiser announced that he would not invest in television commercials this year during the Super Bowl, the NFL’s final, United States Football League. This will be the first time the company will not showcase its brand at the event in 37 years. The brewery said that the amount paid for advertising would go to campaigns to encourage vaccination against coronovirus.

He announced, “For the first time in 37 years, Budwiser is abandoning its iconic Super Bowl airtime and real investment media to help support Kovid-19 vaccine awareness and education through various marketing efforts worldwide. “

The company will donate the funds to the AD Council and Kovid Allied Organizations, which are making a major communication effort to “educate the American public and build confidence around vaccines”.

Outside of television advertising, Budweiser ran an ad on social media to “celebrate the individual actions of resilience that awaken hope during a difficult year”. The company also states that “the film promises significant support for vaccine awareness and education against Kovid-19, as we arrive at a time when we can bring people together safely” .

The Super Bowl will be held on February 7. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City heads to the finals. The match will be played at the Raymond James Stadium, Buccaneers Stadium.

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