After about six months on the International Space Station, astronauts return to Earth Science and Health

After about six months on the International Space Station, astronauts return to Earth Science and Health

The landing time off the coast of Panama City, Florida occurred at 2:56 AM (3:56 AM EST). Boats to the landing site to retrieve the capsule and its crew.

Astronauts Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover, Shannon Walker and Soichi Noguchi have been on the ISS since November 17 last year, when they were taken over by SpaceX’s Dragon capsule. It was the first voyage of a new form of transport after nearly a decade of dependence on Russia. The capsule, called “Resilience”, was launched by a Falcon 9 rocket.

SpaceX has two other manned flights scheduled for NASA in 2021 and four ISS refueling missions over the next 15 months. In late 2021, a 100% private journey is planned, through partner Axiom Space. NASA indicated that American actor Tom Cruise may visit the ISS, which has not been confirmed.

The video below shows how they arrived in November:

SpaceX capsule arrives at International Space Station

Spacex dragon capsule is currently A second device capable of accessing the ISS, Next to the Russian Soyuz. All visitors were subsequently taken to the station from 2011 onwards, with the United States halting its shuttle flights nine years ago. Another device manufactured by Boeing could be operational within a year.

But the reality is that the relationship between Washington and Moscow in the space sector is one of the rare areas in which the partnership remains productive, losing strength.

Breaking through more than 20 years of cooperation on the ISS, Russia will not participate in NASA’s next mini-station around the Moon Gateway.

Service Artemis, American program to return to the moon in 2024, NASA has entered into alliances with other space agencies, including Japan and Europe, but the future is unclear. The space agency is yet to receive tens of billions of dollars from Congress to finance the project.

The rocket left Florida on Sunday night (15) and reached the ISS on Tuesday (17) – Photo: Reuters / Joe Skipper

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