After being bullied for years, WhatsApp made fun of Telegram on social network – 05/16/2021

After being bullied for years, WhatsApp made fun of Telegram on social network - 05/16/2021

For every problem or criticism faced by WhatsApp, As Social Networks Tax Applications Keen on elbowing Telegram’s messaging service Facebook, Usually citing new users’ engagement or exposing tasks that the competitor does not have. After years of silence, WhatsApp finally took a wave with the contestant on Twitter.

After posting an image by the official Telegram profile, meaning that WhatsApp would become worthless in 2021, the official Facebook messaging platform account responded by reminding that the Russian-origin app does not have end-to-end encryption – a Protection that prevents one Hacker Read the exchange of messages between the parties involved.

Telegram also has end-to-end encryption functionality, but it is necessary to enable it in conversations where greater security is desired. Called secret chat, this function is activated individually in the contact’s settings.

By default, messages exchanged by Telegram are on one server, so the app can be installed on multiple devices, while still maintaining the same conversation history, and still be used on the web simultaneously is.

After one day, Telegram responded to excitement It is saying that backup of WhatsApp messages is on cloud services Google (Drive) and Apple (iCloud) are not so secure. In the image, it is said that companies can access people’s chat history, as there is no password protection.

In the exchange of messages, some Twitter people recalled that WhatsApp works in the development of encryption in backups, precisely to prevent access to third parties.


Since at least 2015, Telegram has been posting messages on Twitter to get less on WhatsApp.

It all started in December 2015, when WhatsApp in Brazil blocked for 48 hours. At the time, a court order requested that Brazilian operators withhold access to the messaging app, as the company would not have cooperated with the Brazilian court in investigating the breach of privacy.

The downgrading of the most popular messaging app in Brazil has led many to join Telegram. At the time, the platform celebrated 1.5 million users and reported that operators were having difficulty with the process of sending SMS to new users.

Since then, with every instability suffered by WhatsApp, Telegram noted a new wave of installing its app. With him Changes to the privacy terms for the Facebook app earlier this year, The attacks intensified.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has recently spoken. When Telegram became the target of criticism in 2019, one after the other Hacker accessed messaging The series of reports “Vaja Jato” originated from the website “Intercept Brasil”, with no public announcement of any kind by the Facebook app.

It is worth remembering that WhatsApp currently has about 2 billion active users, while Telegram says it has more than 500 million active users.

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