After complaints, Google defends Android 12 and explains why it inserted ‘Internet’ shortcuts

After complaints, Google defends Android 12 and explains why it inserted 'Internet' shortcuts

Officially Unveiled Recently New devices in the Pixel 6 line, O Android 12 It was released with a number of new features and interface changes, including the implementation of Material You, a mode that adjusts system colors according to the wallpaper used on the device.

In addition to this innovation, Google The company also changed the layout and function of some of the buttons present in the Android notification bar, generating a series of complaints by customers.

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Change in question a. is the implementation of New shortcut that integrates Wi-Fi and mobile network functions in the Android 12 Settings bar, which can be accessed individually – in the previous generation of systems – and in all others, that is, allowing these connections to be activated or deactivated independently.

Called ‘Internet’, the new button inserted into the system directs users to a window that allows you to make some quick Wi-Fi and network settings, which isn’t as practical as the previous version of the feature, allowing Some people get angry. Used more for the old interface and shortcut layout.

For Google, adding this additional step is intended to “promote a more intuitive user experience for users”, as well as prevent users who disable Wi-Fi and use only mobile data between networks. Forget to switch on and excessively consume operator’s Internet.

This information was reiterated by the developer on their official support page, which stated that “In our user studies, we found that most users disable Wi-Fi to force cell phones to connect to mobile networks.” “.

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that [ativar os dados móveis] This is usually done in response to poor Wi-Fi connections and the lack of an alternative way to explicitly connect the phone to the user’s operator. Users who turn Wi-Fi off often forget to turn it back on, potentially resulting in excessive mobile data usage. Our research has shown that this has been a problem for users, so we decided to address it with this release.

With the changes we are making, users with Wi-Fi connection issues can easily switch to their carrier in two quick taps.”


To move on, The company has not ruled out the possibility of implementing changes to this shortcut in the upcoming Android update., indicating that it should not go back to using the old look, even with complaints from users testing Android 12.

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