After winning the UFC belt, Charles Doe will win the Bronx R $ 395 thousand prize – the game

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There is nothing better than watching the long-awaited UFC belt win and still getting the bank account higher. This is the position of Charles of the Bronx. The Brazilian fighter defeated American Michael Chandler in Houston, US on Saturday to clinch the lightweight title.

In addition, Charles Doe Bronx would win 75 thousand dollars (about R $ 395 thousand) to win the award for best performance of the night, even more than the win predicted. Defeated Chandler in the second round and won the title. Fighters weighing up to 70 kg compete in the lightweight category.

The announcement of the award for Brazil depended on UFC President Dana White. In addition to Charles, North American Christos Jiagos won similar awards from the United States, in addition to Edson Barboza and Shane Burgos of Brazil, who starred in the UFC 262 featherweight category, “Fight of the Night”. , Which ended with a victory for Barboza in the third round.

After the title in the Octagon, Charles Dana of the Bronx turned to White and said a few words to him. The person responsible for the competition recounted what he heard from a representative of Guaruja, a city off the coast of São Paulo. According to White, Charles thanked him for all the opportunities he had received so far.

“He said ‘Thank you for everything you did for me, today (Saturday) was the biggest opportunity of my life and I can’t say how grateful I am and how much it means to me’. He was a great Boy. ” Dana White.

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