Air Canada’s Boeing 737-8 Max crashed and required to make an emergency landing

Air Canada's Boeing 737-8 Max crashed and required to make an emergency landing

The crew members of the Boeing 737-8 Max, which flew between Arizona and Montreal, had engine problems

a Boeing 737-8 Max gives air Canada The Canadian airline, which was flying between Arizona and the US state of Montreal with three crew members, forced the crew to divert the aircraft to Tucson, the Canadian airline said on Friday.

An Air Canada spokesman said that soon after takeoff, the pilots received “engine indications” and decided to shut down one of them.

“The aircraft was then diverted towards Tucson, where it landed normally and remained there.” The incident took place on 22 December.

The crew received a signal of low hydraulic pressure from the left turbine and declared an emergency before turning the flight over, reported Belgium’s aviation news website

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