In a Hybrid Event, Expologue Discusses National and International Logistics Scenario

In a Hybrid Event, Expologue Discusses National and International Logistics Scenario

The main players of logistics in Brazil and the world, in addition to the experts in the subject, will gather during the International Logistics Fair – Expologue 2021 on 24 and 25 November. The special edition of the event is considered one of the most. Significant in the area of ​​logistics in the country, will be done in a hybrid way, programming is taking place online and a seminar is being held at the Serra Events Center in Fortaleza. The National Secretary for Land Transport, from the Ministry of Infrastructure, Marcelo Costa, attends the opening of the Expologue.

The main theme of the fair reaching its 16th edition this year will be “National and International Logistics – Landscapes and Challenges”, which will be addressed through an immersive environment and three technical seminars, divided into: International Logistics Symposium, Symposium ” “Opportunities for Young People in Logistics” and Seminar “Logistics in Agribusiness”. The symposium “Opportunities for Youth in Logistics” focused on entrepreneurship and employability in this sector, presented in an accessible language to youth The symposium “Logistics in Agribusiness” was born out of the importance that agribusiness has to the country, which accounts for about 30% of Brazil’s GDP.

At Expologue, participants will have access to a virtual exhibition pavilion with a bilingual platform, providing meeting, interaction and delivery of high-level content; For a face-to-face environment for networking and virtual business roundtables, promoted by the Secretariat of Economic Development and Labor (SEDET) and the Sectoral Chamber of Logistics (CSLOG) of the Serra State Development Agency (ADES).

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“In the 2020 edition, Expologue included participants from 23 Brazilian states and the Federal District, as well as representatives from various countries such as Germany, the United States and the British Indian Ocean Territory. This year, we expect to reach more than 3 thousand participants and we have exceeded R$500 million in potential business done and possible, driving business across borders in this event”, emphasizes Enid Camara, the organizer of the event.

EXPOLOG, Serra-CBP-CE has practice events, a realization of the Union of Cargo Transport and Logistics Companies of the State of Serra – SETCARCE, Future Institute and Camara Brasil Portugal. The promotion is from the newspaper Diario do Nordeste. Registration to participate is free. just go to the website,


Expologue 2021
24 E 25/11

Sierra Events Center (Gate C), 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.:

  • Seminar “Logistics in agribusiness”
  • offices
  • network meeting
  • Logistics and agribusiness products and services exhibition.


  • International Logistics Seminar with 08 Technical Panels and Lectures by renowned experts in the National and International Logistics Sector
  • Seminar “Opportunities for young people in logistics” with 15 lectures
  • Virtual Booth Fair


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