Al-Khobar – launching a tender for the completion of the project “1000 MW Solar”

Al-Khobar - launching a tender for the completion of the project "1000 MW Solar"

The Ministry of Energy Transition and Renewable Energy, on its website, announced the launch of a tender for the completion of a 1000 MW solar power project named “Solar 1000 MW”.

The project lies in the formation of special-purpose companies to build photovoltaic solar power plants with a capacity of 1,000 MW on a national scale, with each plant producing between 50 and 300 MW.

The sites earmarked for the projects will be submitted to companies with specific purposes by the Algerian Company for Renewable Energy “SHAEMS, SPA”, which is assigned by the Ministry of Guardianship to study the bid requests.

Any natural or legal person may take part in this tender, individually or in a group, to raise the necessary funds for the completion of this project, the development and installation of projects for power plants (independent generation of electricity, special exclusively from renewable sources), and has the necessary capabilities to implement all the services required for this type of project.

Interested investors should ensure the development, financing, design and purchase of equipment, as well as the installation, operation and maintenance of these stations, completion of evacuation structures and connections to power networks, and then marketing of the electricity generated from them. station.

The electricity will be marketed “through a power sale and purchase contract (Power Purchase Agreement or PPP), which is concluded between the SPV and the buyer for an operating period of twenty-five (25) years for each generation plant.”

According to the document, participation in the tender “requires compliance with a minimum percentage of local material requirements, according to the type of local product and services.”

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Proposals for the “Solar 1000 MW” project must include a technical and financial proposal, which must be submitted by the candidates on 30 April, 2022 at 10:00 (local time), in the Lecture Hall, Tower B as the last date . Shabani neighborhood building, Hydra Valley, Algeria.

The technical bids will be opened on the same day while the financial bids for those whose bids have been accepted will be opened later.

It should be noted that this tender, which is conducted for the benefit of investors, falls within the framework of the National Policy for the Energy Transition and Development of Renewable Energy, and in the implementation of the provisions of Executive Decree No. 17- Is. 98 February 26, 2017, Revised and Supplemented, which defines the procedure for soliciting bids for the generation or exit from the combined generation of renewable energy and their inclusion in the national electricity supply system.

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