Alagona is the state in the Forbes list of 90 most promising youth in Brazil

Alagona is the state in the Forbes list of 90 most promising youth in Brazil

26-year-old Larissa Maranhoe of Alagas entered Forbes magazine’s list under the age of 30, helping to change Brazil and the world.

In 2014, the magazine began disclosing the Forbes Under 30 list. Larissa Maranhoe is in the 2020 edition, as shown in one of 15 categories, Finance. He left Brazil to study economics at Harvard, in the United States, and currently lives in Los Angeles.

“I’m from Messio, I did all my high school right there. When I was nine, I had my first big dream in my head, that I wanted to study at Harvard. In 2013 I joined it and in 2017, I graduated in economics. ” I was there, I was the president of the Brazil conference, an event that has gained a lot of proportions to debate Brazil’s important issues at Harvard, to purposefully debate Brazil’s people from different regions “, He said.

Larissa was the first contractor at Startup Brakes, also built by Brazilians Henrik Dubgrass and Pedro Franceschi, i.e. she was part of the company’s founding team that provided credit cards to other startups in the United States in Silicon Valley.

The proposal was for Brex to have a company that would help other startups (companies that are just starting out) get credit for realizing their ideas. And they did.

“Today, the company has more than 500 employees. It has a valuation (company value) of $ 2.6 billion,” he said.

“In the first few months, when everyone had multiple tasks to perform, I built a network of over 100 accelerators (companies that support and invest in startups) throughout the United States, a large part of our customers Brings “.

“It has been an incredible journey. Brex is an unprecedented company. It is one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley with Brazilian founders. I am in love and I am very happy to put Alagas on Forbes’ list.”

The United States startup’s sales director gave guidance to anyone who wants to follow the path of entrepreneurship.

“I think it’s good, you have every opportunity, to work in a company, to see days to learn and to be more ready to start and not to wait for the right time. See. Meet people, know what is being done. Try to be a part of projects to learn a lot and when you feel ready, put it into practice. ”

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