Alan Musk says he’s “very likely” Kovid’s case is moderate

Alan Musk says he's "very likely" Kovid's case is moderate

Billionaire Elon Musk said in a tweet on Saturday that his “most likely” covid-19 was a moderate case, although he continued to question the accuracy of the tests, citing “different results from different labs.”

He did not mention any results from PCR tests, which are usually performed in labs and are more accurate than rapid tests.

Tesla Inc. And Muscat, chief executive of Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, described his symptoms as “symptoms of a mild cold.” He first revealed on Twitter on Friday that he had met Bacton, Dickinson and co. Achieved uncontrollable results of coronavirus tests using the rapid antigen test, two negative and two positive results.

Muscat, 49, has expressed doubts about Covid-19 and questioned the viability of the disease, claiming that the death rate was too high. In his Saturday tweet, he said “the coronavirus is a kind of cold,” which seems to be reducing his risk. In the United States, the disease infected more than one million people on Friday, adding a record 190,059 deaths and more than 245,000 deaths.

In March, Musk predicted that by April, new cases of Zero would be approaching in the United States, and that he had not built up his frustration with the shutdown orders that temporarily shut down Tesla’s auto plant in Fremont, California. .

Rapid probes have been used more extensively in the fight against covid-19, but these tests are also known to be less accurate than the common gold standard polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, tests. – Bloomberg

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