Alejandro FC is part of the hit rights with Dallas and Cruziro – 02/03/2021

Alejandro FC is part of the hit rights with Dallas and Cruziro – 02/03/2021

Midfielder Alejandro Vinaigra, who is just 18 years old, has been revealed in Cruziro’s base categories, leaving Raposa. The player was traded to Dallas FC, Major League Soccer, the main football league in the United States. The midfielder signed a five-year contract with Cruziro, but the bond was still signed when he was a minor, under FIFA rules, the agreement was only valid for three seasons. And so, next month Alejandro will be free to settle with another team.

In this negotiation, Cruziro will not receive payment, but will retain a percentage of the athlete’s economic rights in terms of future sales. However, according to sport, The player himself, out of gratitude – has been in the game since he was 14 – did not want to leave the club without a guarantee of the future.

Alejandro received three offers from Mexican clubs in addition to Dallas and preferred to accept invitations from the Americans. The young athlete has dual citizenship, Brazilian and Mexican, so much so that he has already worked for the basic divisions of the two teams.

The midfielder should also initially join Dallas FC by age. Your trip to the United States will be issued after the player receives a foreign work visa.

In 2018, Alejandro was the youngest player to play in the Brazilian Championship. He entered the fray in the final round of that edition of the tournament when he was 16, at the same time as Cao Jorge of Santos, another boy who played in that Brasileiro.

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The Deuce Me debaret portal announced Alejandro’s departure in advance.

Cruzeiro issued an official note to address Alejandro’s departure

Cruzeiro Esporte Cube reported that it is signing a partnership with FC Dallas, one of the main clubs of Major League Soccer in the United States.

The partnership, which will cover institutional and sporting opportunities, was activated with the relocation of Alejandro, an under-20 category athlete, a target of new business and revenue for Raposa.

In the agreement, aligned by Andre Mazuco (Cruziro’s football director), Andre Zanotta (FC Dallas’ executive director) and the athlete’s staff, the two teams will have a share in the player’s economic rights in future negotiations.

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