Alexandre Pato debuts as “Playmaker”, but loses goal and gets hurt – 04/17/2021

Alexandre Pato debuts as "Playmaker", but loses goal and gets hurt - 04/17/2021

Alexandre Pato made his debut for Orlando City in the United States. The player was considered to be the best on the field by his team which went 0 to 0 with Atlanta United. Brazil had the best opportunity to convert the score, but lost two goals before being injured at the end of the duel.

After a hot first half, Orlando dominated Atlanta in the second half and saw Pato standing out. The striker almost scored a brilliant goal by dribbling two markers, getting rid of the goalkeeper and being stopped by an opponent at the last minute.

Alexandre Pato missed two goals, but was considered the star of the game in his debut for Orlando

Picture: Disclosure / Orlando City

Shortly thereafter, he had another great chance to score. He received a cross from the left side and finished from inside the small area. Again an Atlanta defender defended Brazil and disappointed.

Orlando went to the top, but lost intensity with the departure of Alexandre Pato, who suffered an injury to his right thigh according to the American press. Brazil was introduced on 13 February by the new club to continue its career. He had not been officially on the field since August for Sao Paulo.

The squad in Orlando City has four other Brazilians: right-back Ruan (ex-Ponte Preta), defender Antonio Carlos (ex-Palmiras), midfielder Junier Urso (ex-Corinthian) and striker Matheus Barzo (who is a professional in Grenada, Spain) ). Another highlight of the team is the experienced Portuguese nanny.

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