All 8 Wild Card Games Rankings on Wednesday

All 8 Wild Card Games Rankings on Wednesday

Here’s to baseball – countless, stressful baseballs – Wednesdays that will blow your mind if you’re not careful. In an ideal world, humans would have 10-16 eyeballs so they could watch each of these games. Alas, we are stuck with both of them.

• Postseason 2020

In this way, we provide you with a spectator guide, ranking the eight games of the day, in order of importance, speed and excitement. But we still suggest seeing them all, no matter how many eyes you have.

1. Estrus Twins, Game 2, 1:08 p.m. ET (ESPN 2)
Pitcher: TBD vs. Jose Berrios
Frequently Asked Questions:
Lineups, injuries, more

Some of the teams have faced more recent postseason trouble than the Twins, who have lost 16 consecutive playoff games in the series. The expectation was a strong breakdown in September and at the same time the first round enemy who ended the season under 500 would break the series, but oh no, Streak’s now 17 years in American sports history. The longest playoff losing streak.

Do you think the last offseason, when the twins joined after winning the most games in the history of the franchise, was any fat? Imagine what would happen if they lost to a team with a losing record for the 18th time in a row, which could be the most popular in the game. It looks like maybe one win, just one postseason win, will break the dam. But they have to take one, or look outside. The twins are flaring up in the net.

2. Reds Braves, Game 1, 12:08 p.m. ET (ESPN)
Pitcher: Trevor Bauer vs. Max Fried
Frequently Asked Questions:
Lineups, injuries, more

It’s hard to get a better pitching match than this, two National League Sai Young Award contenders used this short season to keep the year of their lives. But this is only the beginning. The Reds built their roster specifically to compete this season and spent many years spinning their wheels, at least on offense, before the late bursts.

This is not ideal for the brave who may have said that Cardinal or Marlin would have played, everyone said. Atlanta is one of the teams that has been heavily offended by the Tribune rate (Ronald Aqua Jr.Freddie FreemanMarcel OzunaUnlike anyone else in the game – the whole place is hurting. The Braves have lost 10 consecutive postseason series since 2001 (tied to a record), and their fans still remember the first innings of 10 by St. Louis in the Game 5 NL Division Series last year. . Your brain. If they lose Game 1, it’s going to be pretty scary fast.

3. Yankees Indians, Game 2, 7:08 pm ET (ESPN)
Pitcher: Masahiro Tanaka vs. Carlos Carrasco
Frequently Asked Questions: Lineups, injuries, more

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Well, the Yankees pulled that way, huh? Near Gerrit Cruise cross seven innings, Judge Aaron On the fourth pitch of the game, a two-run homer hits the homer and explodes the potential American League C Young winner behind a stacked lineup full of healthy slugs. Do you think the Yankees are looking forward to this season? The elimination of their Game 1 felt like the Yankees were releasing all their powers at once, and it was impressive to think they were going to knock around. Carlos Carrasco As they knocked around Shane Bieber. But, as they say, the speed goes as fast as the pot starting the next day. Then again, it also goes as baseballs as the Yankees keep a deep start to the Cleveland night. Indians are seeing a small shell-shock after that humiliating performance. They have less than 24 hours to recover, or their season is about to end.

4. At White Sox A, Game 2, 3:10 p.m. ET (ESPN)
Pitcher: Dallas Keuchel vs. Chris Bassett
Frequently Asked Questions: Lineups, injuries, more

A’s lineup was never considered one of his strengths, but, nevertheless, he would not be a Besrenner until the seventh inning (which has happened against him). Lucas Giolito In Game 1) there is no better way to win the game, no matter how good your bullying. The White Sox are already feeling like a team that is going to win a whole set of postseason series, so why not start now? However, A has their best starter running, and this could be the White Sox lineup series. If A loses, it will be their 13th loss in their last 14 postseason series, which is almost as cruel as what is happening to the Twins and the Braves.

5. Dodgers, Game 1, Briars at 10:08 a.m. ET (ESPN)
Pitcher: Brent Sutter vs. Walker Buer
Frequently Asked Questions: Lineups, injuries, more

We’re all ready for a lot of potential madness in this wildcard round, but are we sure we’re going to “beat the deepest team of all time for a record-breaking team that wants a tough World Series title years after the fall Is Small? ”

The Brewers have a chance to puncture: they have two of the best relievers in the game Josh Haider And Devin WilliamsIn, they have an MVP (despite being a lower year) Christian Yelich And, what could be a bullpen game if they could snatch a Game 1 win Brent Suitor, They could have had a great start Brandon Woodruff Ready for the game. The Dodgers, for their part … actually have a roster packed with all-stars in the gills and can’t be stopped. But they are, of course, more than capable of losing a game, and if they lose it, the trouble coming out of Dodger Stadium will be heard on the moon. and then “Clayton Kershaw Can’t Come in October ”The story will actually be tested in Game 2.

6. Ray, Blue Jazz at Game, 2 p.m., 4:07 p.m. ET (TBS)
Pitcher: Hyun Jin Ryu vs. Tyler Glasno
Frequently Asked Questions: Lineups, injuries, more

The ranges are exactly what you think they are in Game 1: a team that can hit a little, not a lot, but enough to take advantage of a great spin and a perfectly light-bulb. You’ll be amazed at how much bullying will be available in Game 2 – Nick Anderson, After 29 pitches in Game 1, seems to be off this afternoon – though Tyler Glasno Able to lift itself up carrying too much. This is the best arm of the Underdog Blue Jazz to see how much time they spend with their mojo in this strange year with which they played their home games in the buffalo.

7. Cardinal at Padres, Game 1, 5:08 p.m. ET (ESPN 2).
Pitcher: Kwang Hyun Kim vs. Chris Paddock
Frequently Asked Questions: Lineups, injuries, more

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It will be the first postseason game in 14 years in San Diego, also against St. Louis. That game was stopped by Padres Jeff Weaver And four other pots, including a close name Adam Wainwright. The starting pitcher for the Padres in that game, David Wells, Is now 57 years old.

With the battle between the emerging Padres Fernando Tetis Jr., Manny Machado And Will Myers, And back-to-back Cardinal is an interesting one, especially since the starters (Kim and Paddock) aren’t exactly the pitchers you might have suspected of starting Game 1 a week earlier. But the Cardinals decided to go with Van Wright – he’s still here! – and Jack Flaherty In games 2 and 3, and the Padres are facing injuries Danielson Lamet And Mike Clevinger, So here we are.

8. Marlins-Cubs, Game 1, 2:08 pm ET (ABC)
Pitcher: Sandy Alcantara vs. Kyle Hendricks
Frequently Asked Questions: Lineups, injuries, more

Get your Bartman jokes out right now, especially since they are supposed to be Alex Gonzalez jokes. (Leave poor Steve Bartman alone.) The series is wild, between a team that no one thought (maybe even their own players) will be anywhere near the playoffs against an old man this season, but perhaps disappearing, one last of the war horses In search of a championship race. It loses some of its luster by not featuring the funniest pitching matching feature in Game 1: we’ll have to wait for Game 2. Sixto SanchezU Darwesh Fight.

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