All About the New Netflix Movie – Geek Journey

All About the New Netflix Movie – Geek Journey

Months after its development was announced, the film against the snow was recently released by Netflix in Brazil and other countries around the world. And with that, we now collect the main details of its plot and production in a single lesson.

film plot against snow

In Against the Ice in 1909, Denmark’s Alabama expedition, led by Captain Agner Mikkelsen, tried to refute the United States’ claim to northeastern Greenland, the claim being rooted in the idea that Greenland was divided in two . pieces of land.

Leaving his crew with the ship, Mickelson crosses the ice with his inexperienced crew member, Ivar Iverson. The two men find evidence that Greenland is an island, but returning to the ship takes longer and is more difficult than expected. Fighting extreme hunger, fatigue, and a polar bear attack, they finally find their ship crushed in ice and the camp is abandoned.

Cast and Production

Other than being played by an actor Nikolaj Koster-Waldous As the interpreter of Captain Agner Mikkelsen, the film Against Ice forms its cast. Joe Cole Like Ivar Iverson, charles dance Like Neergard, Heida Reid like naja, orstein bachchan Like Amdrup, gisley arn garserson How jorgensen, Nick Jameson like holm, Sam Redford like a laub, ed spielers like Basel, and frankie wilson Like a finger.

Peter Flinth assumes the direction of the film, which in turn writes its screenplay Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Joe Derrick Based on the true story of Ejner Mikkelsen. Balthasar Kormakuri Responsible for production.

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Watch the trailer of the film:

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