Model post photo for exploitative campaign and causes controversy in the US

Absorvente; menstruação

Be it absorbent panties, menstrual collectors, tissue or inner pads. All these items are available for the same function: stop menstruation every month. But why, in 2021, is this very clear issue still on the agenda? Due to the control of female bodies. British model Jessica Megan recently posted a picture on her Instagram wearing a kinnar lehenga and an absorbent.

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Megan, who is a plus size model, activist and digital influencer, often speaks of self-acceptance on her social network. One of these publications, sponsored by the English absorbent brand, Netra Care, the model tried to show its followers The topic “menstruation”, needs to be prevented from being a prohibition And it needs to be talked about.

In the caption of his post, he provoked followers: “You’ve seen me in lingerie hundreds of times. The difference here is that I’m using an absorbent. Ask yourself if you see me within gender standards wearing beautiful lingerie Why agree, but not when my menstruation is involved? Why, when it’s a common reality for so many of us, should it be private? Menstrual embarrassment is a real problem around the world For which real people are suffering a lot ”.

The publication revealed negative comments. Another said, “It’s a matter for each woman to keep for herself,” one user said, “keep it for yourself.” An important theme emerges from these observations: how much the taboo of menstruation affects the lives of youth.

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A study by Plan International revealed the following figures: Almost half (48%) of the girls in the interview, who are between 14 and 21 years of age, feel menstrual shame. A high number (71%) stated that they felt shy when purchasing sanitary products. Among family members, one in ten girls were asked not to talk about their periods in front of their mother. And almost half of the interviewers (59%) missed an entire day of school because of menstruation, and not because of physical reasons, but because they made up a lie or excuse to shame them into going to school.

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