Regardless of the cast, there is no such thing as a ‘godmother’

Regardless of the cast, there is no such thing as a 'godmother'

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Rated PG At Disney +.

Grade: c

“Unhappy with God”? Similar to “Stabbed to death with a candy can”. This Disney Holiday Release is about an unwanted fairy godmother named Eleanor (Jillian Bell of “Britney Runs a Marathon”) who challenges Boston Redhead Mackenzie Walsh (Isla Fisher), the only mother of two daughters, to make life better. . Amazing second look at its cast.

Mackenzie, who lives in the Charlotown Township House and “drinks in her sweat”, spends her days and nights working for a special Boston TV news station, where she is “spoiled” and “garbage-free.” “The words are to stay of the station. The manager demands more viral hits. Mackenzie is like George Bailey from the 1946 classic “Eat and Wonderful Life”, which was borrowed from the classic author “Godmouthred” and its screenwriters Carrie Greenland (“Lady and Trump”) and Melissa Stack (“The Wood Woman”). .

Mac is sad and frustrating. Her cute little button little daughter Mian (Villa Sky) is stressed by her mother and she has failed at school. Elderly daughter Jane (Disney TV star Jillian Shea Spader), who can raise the ceiling with her voice, is scared off stage after the death of her fellow musician father. Mackenzie has lost her “true love” and what she sees is darkness.

Villa Sky + ‘s’ Godmouth in Isla Fisher and Disney. ‘

Another source – “Godmotred” actually starts from a place called Motherland, a blurry CG wonder place like “Harry Potter” – another source – is sent to Stew. Eleanor has a very old roommate named Agnes (June Skyb) who is her bodyguard. Eleanor goes to Pre-Godmother School, where she attends a class where she gets angry at Maura (Jane Curtin, a Cambridge-born and Newton Country Day graduate who looks like a preferable cornerhead). Because the creatures no longer allow the fairy gods to be called, the motherland will be closed and the portals between the worlds will be closed. If Eleanor successfully succumbs to Mackenzie, she may be able to save Motherland. If she does not save the motherland, all fairy tales will have to “dental examination” again.

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How do you think it will end? We are advised at the outset that “suffering from God” is not your usual fairy tale. That’s fine. It’s a derivative, not too much fun and more than it needs to be. Eleanor, who repeated the phrase “a bright song will turn your dishes upside down” (Ugh), encouraged Mack to flirt with Hugh Prince (Santiago Cabrera), who has not only the Prince’s name, but also a good boy. , A historical lexicographer. Boston Common and his fan allies at the station.

Will Eleanor, who wears a winter coat with a large, disgusting pink dress and a fake sheerling collar and is made to live in a basement, ever find Mack “after happiness”? Will this holiday season ever end? Famous Welsh filmmaker Sharon Maguire’s “Bridget Jones Diary” has lost her magic wand, at least for now.

Fisher and Bell are game and talented comic actors, and kids have fun. As Mack’s faithful sister, Mary Elizabeth Alice is an adorable. But the difficult characterization of secondary characters is used. The house cleaning raccoon named Gary is a lovely bore, and even Nielsen’s “Midnight Cowboy” soundtrack classic “Everyone’s Talk” can’t lighten the mood. Please, can I see only “Elf”?

(“God-suffering” is ridiculous.)

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