Almost enough: the second season is coming to Netflix in May 2021

Almost enough: the second season is coming to Netflix in May 2021

Close Enough, which is being announced as Netflix’s original series outside of the US, will return for its second season on Netflix in late May 2021, two months after its debut on HBO Max and OCS.

In September 2020, we first learned that Netflix is ​​quite close in international territories and now, a few months later, the new season is set to air on Netflix on May 27, shortly after appearing in a second season on HBO Max. 2021.

The animation series for adults, created by JG Quintel, follows a couple who try to keep up to date between the ages of twenty and thirty.

According to UNOGS, at least 30 regions outside of the Netflix US broadcast the show, including Netflix Canada, Australia, the UK, Brazil, Argentina, the Netherlands and Mexico, to name but a few.

Despite some concerns that Netflix will only temporarily take over the series and Warner Media does not appear to be holding the rights to future seasons, it does not appear. Netflix has traditionally licensed programs for the duration of the program over several years.

In most areas, the launch of HBO Max is set for years to come, and it is unclear what will happen to shut it down if it becomes a reality. However, in areas such as the United Kingdom and Canada, HBO Max launches are abandoned at least before 2025.

Will a sequel after the second season be enough?

Don’t worry about the future of the series, as the start of the third season has already been confirmed. In fact, WarnerMedia has announced that seasons 3 and 4 have been ordered, meaning there will be more. It is not known if all of these series will be streamed on Netflix, but we hope so.

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