Alonso’s praise means “a hell of a lot” for Russell

Alonso's praise means "a hell of a lot" for Russell

Russell has regularly impressed with Williams since making his F1 debut in 2019, never qualifying against a teammate in the 34th Grand Prix.

Earlier, Russell and two-time F1 World Champion Alonso compared how the backmarker Minardi performed for the team in the early part of his career in 2001.

In an interview with Sky Sports Before returning to his F1 in 2021, Alonso was asked which young driver was currently racing in the F1 that gave him the highest rank.

“It all came with great preparation as well as driver academies that boost performance and talent, helping them from a very young age, and now they’re doing their job,” Alonso said. .

“Of all of them, George Russell is the one who amazes me every week, how he’s running Williams. [with] Zero errors. I’m really amazed at his natural speed.

“So if I had to say a name, Russell would be my choice for the future.”

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Russell showed another impressive performance in qualifying at Emola on Saturday, moving up to 13th on the grid and reaching Q2 for the eighth time this season.

The Mercedes-backed junior said he had heard Alonso’s loving words, and was appreciative.

“It means a lot of hell for me, to come from a guy like Fernando,” Russell said. “I’m looking forward to his race next year. I’m sure he’s flying. I appreciate it. ”

Alonso was praised for Russell by Dave Robson, head of Williams’ vehicle performance, who said Britain was “particularly good”, especially after a difficult 2019 that saw the team take off.

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“He’s moved on, obviously the car helped him a lot more than last year, but nonetheless, I think he was great at making the most of last year,” Robson said.

“It simply came to our notice then. Hopefully he’ll look back in five or 10 years and think that last year was really very precious, sad though it used to be, but of course he has moved on.

“She is OK. She really trusted to lead us, and now got the experience. He has a lot more to learn, but no doubt he has moved on.

“I think he’s a real talent, a great asset to the team.”

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