Amazon actor Adanillo records film ‘Eureka’ in Mexico Entertainment | Critic | Amazon – Amazon

Amazon actor Adanillo records film ‘Eureka’ in Mexico Entertainment |  Critic |  Amazon – Amazon

In the international specialty, Adanillo is a member of a native Latin American people. The cast of the same film features Ergo Mortensen, the cast of “The Lord of the Rings”.

A few years after the completion of the film “Marigella”, in which he also participates, 30-year-old Amazonian actor Danilo Rees, 30, better known as Adanillo, is recording his first international film in Mexican lands , Called “Eleka”. The feature film, which is at the end of the recording process and has no release date yet, is divided into three parts: a father who is searching for his daughter is kidnapped; That of the police officer who lives with the reality of the place where he works; And an indigenous person who leaves his village to work in a gold mine, contractually, literally, gold fever. Actor Viggo Mortensen, who played Aragorn in the trilogy of “The Lord of the Rings”, is also part of the production cast.

Adanillo remains the protagonist of the third part of the film, according to which he has no name. “He lives in a native Latin American people, but he is seduced by the prospect of earning gold because a prospect is near the village. I am working with the Chatino indigenous people of the Oaxaca region in Mexico. There is little language in it. Learning and understanding their culture was involved. Interacting with the director also helps in a general understanding of the work, which gave me more assets to live this character. “

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In the story of a father searching for his daughter, the production takes place in a western set on the border of the United States and Mexico. The policeman’s plot was filmed at an Indian reservation in South Dakota. A part of Adanillo was recorded in the Latin American wilderness. “We spent the last two weeks in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, shooting in Puerto Escondido, Chacao and San Pedro mixtape in mountain, forest and marine areas,” says the actor.


Adanillo, “Eureka”, reached out to the director of Argentine Lisandro Alonso via another film, “Noits Aliengenus”, directed by Serogo de Carvalho and recorded in Acker in 2019. Seriego is the one who introduced Argentina to Argentina. “Lysandro examines a cinema of surroundings and tensions with conditions that extend human existence. In ‘Eureka’, the dialogue was always as open as possible, with the idea that a film is made simultaneously. I had a lot of licenses to propose to do the scenes, we discussed the script a lot. Despite the exhaustion caused by hard-to-reach places, it was a great pleasure to work with ”, Amazon celebrates.

Adanillo had no contact with Viggo Mortensen during filming, due to the fact that Danish actors participate in the first part of the film, which is recorded in Portugal. But the feeling of participating in a production abroad is one of gratitude, mainly because new attitudes and knowledge about other indigenous realities have blossomed in Rees on the basis of exchanges with other artists.

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“I acted with actors and actresses from Chatinas, one of the largest in the Oaxaca region in Mexico. They patronize and continue to reconnect and reintegrate their culture, their language. It is beautiful to see this appreciation and confirmation of an original Latin American identity. I am very interested in this exchange of experiences between indigenous people, to learn more about the trajectories we have followed to continue the existing and protest, ”he concluded.

Indefinitely for the first time in Brazil

The film, which tells the story of Carlos Marighela, has not yet officially premiered in the country. “Marigella’s debut in Brazil is still unknown. The last time I heard any information, I was told it would be in November. But I don’t know”, he announced, in the feature film directed by Wagner Maura, Seu Jorge. , Starred directly with actors such as Humberto Carao and Ana Paula Buaz. Set in the 60s, to prepare for production, he resorted to songs, films, and books, which portray the time and receive an in-body preparation – as it is an action film.

About adanillo

Born in Manaus, the actor was the founding partner of cultural producer Artrupe Produçauses, where he participated in theater, dance, music, film, video clips, visual arts exhibitions and – as producer – actor, director and playwright. Incidents of small and medium size. He has also worked in theater companies in the city, such as the Tetro Experimental do SACS – TESC, Grupo de Teatro e Danaca Nasida, Sia de Teatro Apparedido da Marsida, Scenes am Cena, among others.

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