Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and GloboPlay will suffer a lot of damage in the coming months

Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and GloboPlay will suffer a lot of damage in the coming months

In addition to the original content, the main streaming services catalogs available in Brazil, such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Globopel are made up of a series of great successes from other companies. For example, this is the case, How I Met Your Mother, Prison Break, Sons of Anarchy, Grass Anatomy, Atlanta, Glee and Revenge.

However, all three services will suffer heavy losses over the next few months, as we approach Disney’s first date of Star Plus service in Brazil. Some series that are owned by the studio, which is under the umbrella of Casa Do Mickey, will be removed from Prime Video, Netflix and the Globopel content list.

See below, what will be the main disadvantages in each streaming due to the launch of Star Plus:

While Disney Plus came to the country with content for the entire family, Star Plus would reach home productions for adults or with a certain age group rating, as with Hulu in the United States.

Expected productions include films titled Deadpool, Logan, The Shape of Water and Kingsman as well as the series How I Met Your Mother, Prison Break, Lost, Scream Queens, Buffy, Grey’s Anatomy, The X-Files and more. For Fox and ABC.

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