AMD and Valve join forces to improve Linux gaming performance

AMD and Valve join forces to improve Linux gaming performance

Sinister Union focuses on the Steam deck, but will impress the Linux community

After the players reach the 1% mark in Steam, O operating system Linux There is more good news. NS valve, owning to gaming platform, It is on amd working together to improve the performance of the Penguin Ongoing game. focuses on partnership console/laptop gives valve, O Steam deck.

a valve It is on amd will work on improving the frequency scale of cpu, improve Driver acpi cpufreq. Currently, some games are running Linux has poor performance due to the inability of Driver in controlling Processor, not increasing or delaying the delivery of the desired frequency when needed. NS amd does not have a tradition of developing compatibility between CPU I Linux, so there is more degradation in performance Processor amd like operating system.

i 2018, a valve launched proton, a technique that you Allows you to “translate” the API of games built for windows To Linux Operating System. Resource proton Allows thousands of games from Steam Designed for K OS Microsoft not native Linux.

The purpose of this partnership is, of course, to improve the performance of Steam Deck, the futuristic portable console from Valve, who will use steamos based on Arch Linux and with an apu amd based on Zen Architecture 2 and with graphics rDNA 2. One to console who walks Linux it’s common hardware not very friendly with operating system This is not an advertisement. The focus of the companies is on improving the performance of the company steam deck, this sinister flasco union will positively impact the community Linux.

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More details about this partnership will be presented at the X.Org Developers Conference on September 17th, titled “A New CPU Scaling Performance Proposal for VKD3D-Proton.” in the month of june nvidia ea valve announced partnership to take DLSS To Linux Through proton.

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