AMD Ryzen 3 5300G Overclocked to 5.6GHz and Impresses

AMD Ryzen 3 5300G Overclocked to 5.6GHz and Impresses

The base clock of the entry model is only 4.0 GHz

in April this year amd announced its new line of 5000G APUwho are yours Processor Ryzen With integrated graphics. recently overclocker named yosarinilievs disclosed that he used Ryzen 5300g to achieve high levels of frequency overclock No Processor. consumer With the 5300G managed to achieve a frequency of 5.6 GHzusing conjunction with , Processor 16GB of DDR4 memory, running at 4600 MHz and with CL 16-16-16-38 latency. The motherboard used for this feat was a was Asus ROG Strix B550-I Gaming.

hey Ryzen 3 5300g is one of the latest processors released by amd, Produced in 7 nanometer lithography, it is based microarchitectura zen 3, o Processor 4. is core and 8 threads With Clock Base D 4.0 GHz, reaches 4.2 GHz and has a TDP of 65W.

Unfortunately the integrated graphics that exist are not based on Navi, the company’s latest graphics architecture. Here we have the Radeon Vega 6, which works in conjunction with the processor to provide a gaming experience for some of the less demanding users who do not use a dedicated graphics card.

It was not disclosed what cooling is used by the overclocker to achieve the Ryzen 5300G processor Such an impressive number of 5.6 GHz, but they certainly did not use traditional methods, as they found higher frequencies, as the processor is an entry-level model. He probably used more “crazy” methods to achieve such a feat, likely he used liquid nitrogen.

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Ideal Ryzen 3 5300G It’s already started to be distributed in some markets by AMD partner companies as assembled desktop and all-in and is still not available for sale in Brazil, but since it’s an entry model, it’s likely that we’ll be here soon. See Products for.

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