American gymnast performs choreography in honor of Black Lives Matter (video)

Nia Dennis

USA gymnast Nia Dennis said, “When I comment on her choreography in honor of the Black Lovers Matter movement, I wanted everything we could do to overcome everything.”

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24 – In a mix of sports and political engagement, Nia Dennis, a 21-year-old gymnast, presents choreography in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement. Her solo routine is accompanied by a song that brings together excerpts from work by black artists such as Beyoncé, Tupac, Missy Elliott and Kendrick Lamar.

“I wanted the presentation to be a celebration of everything that black people can do. Interview to Lily (Related to publication Washington Post, With feminist content).

“Talking about Black Lives Matter can seem so overwhelming, it’s hard for people to discuss it. Sometimes, you need to meet people where they are with a celebration. Each song (Choreography) is by a great black artist, who was. He said, “Black culture has had a huge impact, making a huge impact on me. So I am really celebrating what they did and are enjoying it, ”he said.

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