American road covered with cash after armored truck door opened – Marie Claire Magazine

American road covered with cash after armored truck door opened – Marie Claire Magazine

The road in America is covered with cash after the armored truck door opened (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Vehicles passing on a busy highway in San Diego, California, United States, were shocked as they passed the spot. The bus which was driving an armored truck opened its door and covered the highway with money.

According to CBS8, a widespread traffic jam formed when drivers stopped their cars to collect bills scattered across the asphalt.

The Highway Patrol Sergeant, Curtis Martin, revealed that part of the door had broken off and prevented the door from remaining closed, however, the problem was recognized too late. “One of the doors opened and the money bags fell. One of the bags broke and there was money everywhere,” he described.

Martin said the truck was headed to an office Federal Deposit Insurance Corporations, a US federal agency whose primary function is to guarantee bank deposits.

A video shared on social media shows you repairing another twenty dollar bill. fitness influencer Demi Bagby The moment was registered and showed stunned drivers running down the road with small amounts in their hands. You can also see people getting out of their cars to secure money.

“This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. Somebody threw money on the highway. San Diego closed!” she said.

According to CBS 8Two drivers were taken into custody as they parked their cars in the middle of the highway and blocked traffic to collect money. It is not known whether he was arrested or any charges were made.

A spokesman for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation said officials are asking anyone taking money on the street to return the amount to the company’s office.

“We’re working with the FBI right now, it’s a joint investigation and if you took any money, I suggest you hand it over to the office immediately. We have the evidence and we’re following up on the investigation.” “

in a statement to CBS 8The San Diego FBI Public Affairs Department said: “The FBI has responded in support of the California Highway Patrol, which has taken the lead in this case. The public must provide full information about the incident and seek a refund of all money.” It is recommended. “

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