Americans don’t even care about Bolsonaro, says Globo journalist

Americans don't even care about Bolsonaro, says Globo journalist

“Americans don’t watch TV news, they watch sports on TV,” said Jorge Pontual, correspondent for Globo and Globonnews in New York, on the news channel’s ‘Edition of Midnight’. He said that there, the average audience of major news programs is no more than 5 million viewers, a rate much lower than the more than 300 million residents.

Jorge Pontual says Bolsonaro’s presence in New York does not attract the attention of US audiences

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The remarks came after anchor Eric Bang questioned whether the American public was aware of Jair Bolsonaro’s presence in the Big Apple and the fact that the Brazilian president has not been vaccinated and, therefore, allowed to enter the city’s restaurants. is prohibited. Hours earlier, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a press conference that Bolsonaro was not welcome because he had not been vaccinated.

Pontual reported that part of the press reported Bolsonaro’s arrival to attend the United Nations General Conference, however, there is no hope that the Brazilian speech will find a place on American TV. “They’re going to show (Joe) Biden, probably the Iranian …,” the reporter said. In the United States, news portals gave Bolsonaro more prominence than television networks.

The main broadcaster with a progressive bias, CNN, quoted the Brazilian in an article on its website. “Jair Bolsonaro, who as president of Brazil will carry on the tradition of delivering the first speech to the assembly, will defy the determination of the world body that calls for the vaccination of all people registered in the UN full,” says an excerpt. .

ABC’s local news in New York featured Bolsonaro for seconds in a report on preparations for the heads of state meeting and concerns that the event could become a “super campaigner” of the coronavirus. The President of Brazil will be the only illiterate among the 20 G20 leaders attending the UN General Assembly.

In Brazil, the ‘Journal Nacional’ on Monday (20) edition devoted 4 minutes to Bolsonaro’s visit. Correspondent Tiago Eltz heard a viral photo of the president eating pizza on a sidewalk, revealed that the Intercontinental Hotel allowed him to have breakfast in the lounge with other guests even without proof of vaccination, and showed a bilateral meeting with the British prime minister .

“Boris Johnson praised the UK-developed AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine. Johnson said everyone should take the antibody and that he took both doses himself. Jair Bolsonaro then waved his finger and said, ‘Not now,'” Eltz said. The reporter also said that a member of Bolsonaro’s crew tested positive for COVID-19, without disclosing the person’s identity.

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