Amidst the “melting” of the LAC, China accused India of tension

Amidst the "melting" of the LAC, China accused India of tension

Harit Singh Malik was known as a fighter pilot during 1917-19


The design of a sculpture of a 20th-century Sikh fighter pilot, cricketer and golfer at Oxford University was approved for a new memorial in the port city, Southampton, in memory of all Indians. In the world of wars.

Hardik Singh Malik first came to the United Kingdom in 1908 when he was 14 years old at Balliol College, Oxford University and later became a member of the Royal Flying Corps during World War I. As the first Indian pilot with a turban and a special helmet, he became famous as the “Flying Sikh”.

“As such, the statue of the First World War hero Hardit Singh Malik, the first Sikh fighter pilot with the Royal Flying Corps turban (now the Royal Air Force), will mark a broad Sikh contribution to the British Armed Forces. The forces of the First Sikh and the Second World War Along with, Malik’s extraordinary achievements as a ‘touchstone’ for the entire Sikh community and other lesser-known heroes, “notes Hampshire and Dorset, a community. (OCHD) behind the campaign for the memorial, which was approved by Southampton city council last year.

Hardit Singh Malik also played cricket for Sussex and was also India’s ambassador to France after a long and distinguished career in the Indian public service. But it was during 1917–19 as a fighter pilot that he became most famous.

“I am truly impressed by the impressive beauty and power of the monument’s extraordinary design, which reflects the spirit and effort of this great RAF fighter pilot, Harit Singh Malik. It is a great pleasure for me to know that the design is supported by the community, ”said Bhagwan Rami Ranger, President of the British Sikh Association and head sponsor of OCHD.

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“This project definitely speaks for itself; It strongly promotes community cohesion and integration and bears testimony to the significant contribution that our broad and ethnic minority Sikh communities make to our country, as we live in a multicultural society. Lively here in Southampton, ”said OCHD CEO and Director Prithvipal Singh.

The memorial will be built by sculptor Luke Perry of England, who is associated with the “The Lions of the Great War” monument in Smethwick in the West Midlands of England, which depicts a Sikh soldier wearing a turban in honor of the Sikhs in World War Britain. The sacrifices made by millions of South Asian military men fighting for. His project for the final memorial was completed earlier this month and also received support from the Southampton Gurdwara Council.

“Such monuments are an important part of the struggle for equal representation. These works of art are a long-standing thanks and recognition to communities around the world who supported Britain in their past and continue to do so in office. Important, not only in the military, but in all aspects of our health care and modern life, ”Mr. Perry said.

“Harit Singh Malik embodies the spirit of including a public statue, which represents a desire to ‘break the glass ceiling’ at the crossroads of two world wars and the registration of minorities in the RAF: an important achievement for an Indian . Pal ”. The couple is Dr. Sanjukta Ghosh, Artistic Director of South Asian Institute of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and OCHD Consultant.

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An online fundraiser from Go Fund Me is also inviting funds to the memorial, which is expected to be inaugurated with educational resources, a book and a documentary covering various educational topics.

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