‘Mourinho really insists on winning’ – Spurs boss’s methods will take the club to the next level, says Warm

'Mourinho really insists on winning' - Spurs boss's methods will take the club to the next level, says Warm

Tottenham have hinted early in the season that they could be Premier League contenders this season, and the manager is being praised.

Jose Mourinho has demonstrated that he manages to take Tottenham to the trophy-winning level with his “very straightforward” approach to dealing with acclaimed players from Michel Warm.

Former sports goalkeeper Warm, who retired after leaving the club at the end of last season, believes Mourinho’s tough approach could be positive, along with his appetite for silverware.

The Dutchman hinted that Mourinho’s side may not be able to line up the side previously managed by Mauricio Pochettino, but they could be better established for success.

Worm explained Football International: “Five or six years ago, you could not have imagined that he would become a Tottenham coach.

“He has a way of working and playing and it takes time. Now you can see his style more clearly at Tottenham. Now you can start judging him a little more. Mourinho really Emphasizes winning a prize.

“I get along well with him. Look, there is a definite picture of Louis van Gaal among the people. I also worked very well with him at Orange. [the Dutch national team].

“I also think Van Gaal is a good man and I see similarities with Mourinho. Of course I had a special picture of him. But when you work with him, it’s different. I have a clear sense of communication. Like and Mourinho is very straightforward. Take it or leave it. “

There could be casualties along the way as Mourinho decides which players he can count on, with Dale Ali struggling specifically to win over the late Portuguese.

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Worm said Tottenham had made “real progress” over the past five years and acknowledged that it was “sad not to be honored”.

The North London team finished fifth in the Premier League in Sunday’s match at West Bromwich Albion, having lost just once in seven of their top flight matches this season and had a chance to top .

“That’s one of the reasons Mourinho is there now,” Worm added. “In terms of football, it may not be as great as Pochettino, but with him he hopes to take the next step.”

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