An air purifier, cooler, humidifier and fan come together to create this all-weather appliance that your interior needs!

The year 2020 is one that history will remember – the coronavirus epidemic has changed lives in more ways than one and is one of them to stay safe at home. Although one assumes that outside air is more polluted than indoors, sometimes the opposite can be true. According to experts, indoor air pollution is considered to be the leading cause of diseases ranging from eye and throat infections to serious respiratory diseases. With that in mind, the Quilo AVENS – an all-season 4-in-1 air climatizer – with a pif refrigerator, cooler, humidifier, and a fan device in-in fan devices is important for every part of your attention. That you are breathing. In the fresh air at all times.

To be twice as sure of the home environment, in general, a separate device must be purchased to purify, cool and moisturize the air. In this 4-in-1 tower with UV-C light, epirator air cooler, humidifier and fan for triple-stage HEPA air purification, you don’t need to pull out a single device. Measuring pretty compact at 39.6 x 14.4 x 14.4-inches, the Quilo AVS 4-in-1 Air Climateizer is a significant upgrade from the Quilo 3-in-1 introduced by the company in 2017 – it’s more powerful cooling, powerful air Offers circulation, and humidity 300 square feet with room coverage.

Quilo avians are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and will fit well with your interior. It is designed for space, money, and heavy lifting and transport that you have to do with conventional coolers and air purifiers. The all-weather apparatus saves you the hassle of handling four different appliances and when you need to move them to a different area indoors for cooling and cleaning, the Evans can only be based on its cycle. Push it into the drawing-room, toggle between three adjustable fan speeds and create the desired airflow, or install it in the bedroom and adjust the sleep adjustment for extra comfort.

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How does it do it? Using the proprietary Kain of Kilo Avens (certified with a US Innovation Patent) team developed the world’s first interchangeable filter cartridge for air purification, cooling and humidity. ਕ .ਈ. The built-in sensors help Quilo’s smart auto-mode to automatically identify which cartridge is being used and which functions to activate. Snap-in HEPA Filter and AVS Your triple-stage air purifier works with a layer of activated carbon and UV-C disinfectant to provide fresh, clean air to your family. Filters can cover small particles of 0.3 microns, such as about 99.97% allergenic particles. During the hot summer months, the purifying filters can be replaced with cooling cartridges. Add 4.8 gallons of water to the Avians tank and you are setting for fresh air without any harmful chemicals that pollute the air. In fact, Quilo AVS can cool your room to 15 F! For faster and more efficient cooling on hot summer days, put ice in a dedicated container and relax in the cool of the day. Honeycomb cooling cartridges can get you room humidity up to 40-50% RH, and in fan mode, the tower can provide natural air ventilation.

According to Quilo, after 3 years of hard work, the aviation prototype has been finalized and is ready for production – so it will be captured soon. The device is a thin, sticky and innovative air purifier that promises to free domestic air from particles suspended with pollen, pet dander, molds, or its triple-stage HEPA purification system. After all, we all deserve to breathe clean air indoors – to protect ourselves and our loved ones!

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Designer: Geometric Design

Click here to buy now: 9 249 9 439 ($ 190 discount). Hurry up, there are only 11 left!

Kilo Avience – 4-in-1 Air Climate

Quilo Avens is your all-season air climatizer for powerful air circulation, purity, humidity and cooling for rooms up to 300 square feet.

The design saves you money, storage space and the difficulty of maintaining 4 different units for each season.

Three stage air purification

The AVNS is an air purifier with accurate HPA filter, activated carbon pre-filter and UV-C light.

Snap into true HEPA filters to turn AVNS into a triple-stage air purifier, letting your family breathe fresh, clean air in any weather.

Activated carbon pre-filters trap VOCs and odors almost any type of gas.

A true HEPA filter captures particles that are at least 0.3 microns. It contains 99.97% of allergen-causing particles, including dust, pollen, pet dander and other harmful particles within its alt-fine trap.

Aviation helps:

– Combat seasonal allergens, such as dust, pollen, pet odors and tobacco smoke
– Neutralize smoke and odors
– Trap dust before it’s time to settle
– Cools respiratory irritation due to dry and polluted air
– Remove external fumes and pollutants such as diesel exhaust particles
– Reduce carbon dioxide levels
– VOC Reduce them

UV-C sterile light works in all areas and provides an extra layer of purity.

Cold air in hot summer months

Avian Cooling technology reduces the temperature of incoming hot dry air to 15 ° F.

Get faster and more efficient cooling on extra hot days with a dedicated ice box.

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Quilo Avience has no compressor or refrigerator gas, and does not release any harmful chemicals into the environment.

Steam cooling reduces the heat through the natural process of steam formation. The AVENS pump pumps water through a honeycomb pad. As the fan blows air through the wet pad, the warm air passing through the unit becomes refreshingly cool with a hint of moisture.

Anti-inflammatory Winter dryness and stable winds

Replace the Honeycom cooling cartridge with a humidifier cartridge and you can get room humidity up to 40-50% RH.

Quilo Avience’s auto-sensing technology optimizes room humidity for you, helping to soothe dry skin, dry throat and nasal irritation.

Tower fan for natural air ventilation

Suitable for all seasons

Unique exchangeable cartridge

Built with Quillo’s proprietary inventions and certified with a US Innovation Patent, Quilo invents the world’s first interchangeable filter cartridge for air purification, cooling and humidification. ਕ .ਈ.

Quillo Avens’ patented sensors automatically detect which cartridges are placed in the unit and activate relevant applications related to and.

Set it and forget it

The Quilo Avens’ smart auto-mode works with its indoor air quality, temperature and humidity sensors to automatically detect environmental conditions and adjust indoor fan speed and water pump settings.

Easy to move

With Portable Air Comfort you get the options you want so that every area of ​​your home and office stays cool and clean.

Click here to buy now: 9 249 9 439 ($ 190 discount). Hurry up, there are only 11 left!

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