Anapetro informs Petrobras board against Paes de Andrade

Anapetro informs Petrobras board against Paes de Andrade
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The National Association of Petrobras Minority Shareholders (ANAPETRO) this Thursday (23) sent a letter to Petrobras’ board of directors and members of the company’s eligibility committee against the appointment of Caio Pas de Andrade. For him, there are discrepancies in the appointment of manager to Petrobras’ presidency and he suggests that the name of Bolsonaro’s nominee be “rejected given the scenario of instability that could lead to his appointment”.

The association sent the message with the support of the Unique Federation of Oil Workers (FUP) and affiliated unions. The group also warns that “if the name is approved, it will seek legal means in both controlling bodies, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission and the judiciary, to review the decision”.

“Without Experience”

Anapetro’s notification states that Paes de Andrade does not meet the technical requirements required for the position, which are required by state-owned company law and by Petrobras’ bylaws. “Mr Andrade has no clear knowledge in this field other than having no experience in the oil and energy sector, having a degree in social communication,” the document said.

In a press release, the group states that the Pays d’Andrade does not primarily meet “requirements A, B, relating to the required time of professional experience, and C, which, in addition to the time of experience, are conducive to academic training.” is required to be. with the post for which it was appointed”. In addition, he added, “the candidate did not submit a certificate of completion of the courses that he claimed to have taken at universities in the United States”.

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“The curriculum offered by Bolsonaro’s nominee for Petrobras speaks of a master’s degree in administration and management from Harvard University and a master’s degree in business administration from Duke University. The courses (…) are at least two potential barriers to their enrollment. : professional experience and academic training”, said the representative of workers at the Petrobras board of directors, Rosangela Buzzanelli, on social media.

“The government regards Petrobras as a backdoor company, with complete irresponsibility and lack of respect for shareholders and the importance of the company to Brazilian society. The negative financial impact of these constant exchanges and the hiring of unqualified people attempt, as it appears to be the case, shows that the government intends to intervene in the management of the company in order to further reduce its assets put up for sale”, said President Anapetro, Mario Dal Zote.

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