And now Meredith? Gray stopped showing anatomy in Brazil

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Fans who follow Grey’s Anatomy on Sony Channel will have to wait a bit to find out what happens to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo).

According to Notícias da TV, the channel will stop the show for two months. The next unpublished chapter of the series will only come out on 4 May.

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“Disruption” comes at a time of suffering, because it is right after Meredith collapses.

The stagnation coincides with the interval performed by Grey’s Anatomy at ABC in the United States. There, the series did not win a new episode between December and March.

This was the seventh episode of the seventeenth season on March 11, which will air on Sony Channel on May 4, showing what happens to Meredith after she faints.

The seventeenth season of Grey’s Anatomy has been very dramatic. No wonder: there is a possibility that this will be the last of the series.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, ABC has yet to renew the series for another season, despite negotiating a contract renewal with Pompeo.

The series’ current producer, Krista Wernoff, admitted that she was already preparing for the end of Grey’s anatomy. She developed two endings for the seventeenth season: one that could end the show forever, and another that left room for more seasons.

The hit series was produced by Shonda Rhimes, which also spawned projects such as Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder and Bridgerton.

In Brazil, Grey’s Anatomy is shown on TV by Sony Channel. It is also available on streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Globoplay.

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