Ange Postecoglu has to live with ‘infamous radio backlash’ to Celtic skeptic Alan Brazile

Ange Postecoglu has to live with 'infamous radio backlash' to Celtic skeptic Alan Brazile

Celtic manager Ange Postekoglu believes Alan Brasil had every right to his initial reaction to his appointment.

But he joked that the radio host will “have to live with it” now that the Australian has been handed a trophy and is fighting for the Premiership title.

The talkSPORT host’s infamous comments about learning that Postkoglu needed UEFA’s authorization – when he “ended” the appointment – then reproduced himself in a recent Australian TV interview for the person. it was done.

And when asked whether his on-air reaction was the first time he’d heard Brazil’s views on his nomination, Postecoglu said open target : “Yeah. I remember Alan Brasil as a player.

“It’s one of them, I leave it at that level and he’s clearly playing a different role.

“He has an opinion and that’s fine, it’s not a problem for me. He’s clearly trying to make a statement.

“He made a statement and he has to live with it now.”

Postecoglu revealed that he also has a close friendship with former Celtic and Australian striker Mark Viduka.

His paths rarely crossed when he became a manager in his own right, with Viduka retiring before the Greek-born Gaffer became Australia’s boss.

But when the great frontman was arriving in Australia, he gave his all as an assistant to Postkoglu’s south Melbourne.

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#1 Some of Frank Arok’s carefree comments came back to bite, as he recalled, “Oh, I love deux.

“He is an all-time great in Australian football, but what a man. What.

“He’s probably the most laid-back person, but super funny. If you find him now, he’s sitting in his coffee shop making coffee and you can sit there all day talking about anything.

“When he was in Australia, when he first arrived, he was 17. And I was an assistant coach, it was my first coaching job.

“The assistant coach of the club I played for, just before I reached the senior team, and we were playing with his team in the cup semi-finals.

“He was 17, a complete beast at the time. He was a mountain man with goalscoring. The coach I had at the time was Frank Arock, he passed away recently, but he coached Australia, who There was a very famous coach in Australia.

“But he was really blunt, and weeks ago he was saying, ‘I’m going to try this kid, I’m going to tell him he’s overrated’, went to the press and said ‘this kid is overrated,'” You’re talking a lot to him.’

“And I said, ‘I don’t think that’s a good move.’ Anyway, Dukes scored a hat-trick and every time he scored he slipped on the bench in front of me and I’m going ‘oh no’.

“He was an incredible player and an even better person.”

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