Animate your family photo faces

MyHeritage: Anime os rostos das suas fotografias de família

The digital world is also about fashion! Sometimes services and applications appear that quickly achieve great success… and sometimes they can be maintained for a long time. The suggestion we have for today is called MyHeritage and is a website that allows you to bring your photos to life.

Find out how this new “viral” service works.

Animate the faces of your family photos with amazing technology. Try to make your family history as before! This is how the MyHeritage service appears on the official page.

MyHeritage: Animate your family photo's faces

To try it, the user only has to upload a picture and wait between 10 and 20 seconds for the result. It should be noted that a free membership is required to use the service. Photos uploaded without completing a subscription are automatically deleted to protect your privacy.

MyHeritage: Animate your family photo's faces

As mentioned, the result is quite fast, and it is possible to download short videos created later. It is true that the end result is not perfect, but you can guess the power of technology. It should also be noted that it works quite well in family photographs. Experiment with photos with grandparents, parents and even friends.

This is the deep nostalgia function that the The site Is available, because the purpose is different. Through this website we can build our tree Genealogy, enhancing photographs, historical records (using the service's global database with over 13.1 billion records to find births, deaths and other records, and discovering new details about ancestors) and more. try it!

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