Anita mocks the UFC victory of a fighter who attacked her party

Anita mocks the UFC victory of a fighter who attacked her party

UFC fighter Maria Oliveira secured her first UFC victory on Saturday night. The event also featured other Brazilians who won, Via social networks, Anita celebrated the victory of the Brazilian who became famous After breaking into a singer’s party In Las Vegas, United States.

– Crasher at my birthday party, remember? So, he’s a UFC fighter and he won a fight today. Drooling – she said.

Anita also recalled the situation and made fun of the fact that she did not go to fight with the fighter to attack her party.

– Now here’s what I was thinking: If I had kicked him out of the party like I do with the abusers. He is a fighter; I have never even killed a cockroach. Poor thing about this Anita. God is good and he sent a really good fighter fighter – he joked.

The attack took place in April this year. Maria told how on Instagram Discovered the location of the party, details how he managed to break into,

– When I came in, have you seen the movie Alice, when she falls into the hole? It was like that. It’s hard to believe, because several crashers were trying to get in and I did. Some say it was marketing. Guys, this is not marketing – explained the fighter at the time.

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UFC. Maria defeated Glorinha in
In a clash between Brazilian women in the UFC Austin Straw Division, María Oliveira had a better opening round with more punch volume. In the second round, Glorinha de Paula balanced the actions and began to dictate the rhythm of the percussion – and even triumphed over a takedown. In the third and deciding round, Maria came back more aggressive and began to strike her best – in addition to defending the opponent’s takedown.

After debuting with a loss in the franchise, Maria, a PRVT athlete, scores her first victory. Glorinha, on the other hand, is in a precarious position as she registers three losses in four matches.

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