Announced during the interview: He extracted important information from Prince Harry (video) behind the cameras

Announced during the interview: He extracted important information from Prince Harry (video) behind the cameras

Namely, Oprah Winfrey has now revealed that Harry did not want to reveal who is talking about Archie’s skin color when the interview was over and when the cameras were turned off, but he Revealed that it was not Queen Elizabeth, nor Prince Philip.

Oprah herself and millions of people around the world want to know who made such a derogatory comment on Harry’s son, but Prince still didn’t want to reveal anything. He and Megan said they wanted to protect the identity of the person who was wondering at the time “would Archie have brown skin”.

– Neither his grandmother nor those were part of the conversation. He didn’t tell me who was in those conversations, but as you can see, I tried to get that answer with both in front of and behind the camera – he said after the interview with Oprah, who just now Also important information has been extracted from “Harry” – who was not the one who took care of the baby’s skin color.

Then he repeated what Megan had told him in a live interview.

– When I was pregnant, a large member of the royal family expressed concern several times about how dark Archie’s skin would be because of me, and how the boy wouldn’t be able to get the title or protection because of that – Megan said.

Then Megan said that many such conversations took place.

“Harry told me that, it was a family conversation with him,” she said.

– They did not want to protect me and my husband – Megan continued, but she insisted that Rani was a wonderful person and compared her grandmother and granddaughter’s relationship with her.

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He claims that the Palace was prepared to lie to protect other members of the family, rather than correct the lies about him.

– When we got married and when everything started going bad, I realized that not only am I being protected, but also that they are willing to lie for the safety of other family members, but they are safeguarded. I and my husband are not ready to tell the truth, ”Megan concluded.


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