They found the cell phone that was allegedly stolen from Carolina Piparo

They found the cell phone that was allegedly stolen from Carolina Piparo

The woman called 911, Handed over the found iPhone device, from which they removed the chip to assess it and returned the cell phone to its owner, As told by the journalist Fernando Tcho In conversation with C5N.

So far, there are no captives for the alleged theft and a series of raids will be carried out over the next few hours. In this sense, he was not arrested either Juan Ignacio Bujali, Piparo’s husband, who dragged the two youths away.


“Witnesses confounded the husband of the provincial deputy, Juan Ignacio Buzali, because in his raid (except for young people walking over) he rammed at least 3 vehicles and could be charged with injuries and damages. A new classification was presented. To report to people that the car Carolina Piparo was going through was damaged. “The journalist commented.

The attention-grabbing data in the case is that there is no video from the municipality of La Plata or the private of the moment in which the robbery took place or when Bujali ran over young people, found that no one had a police record. The appearance of La Plata Secretary for Security was also a surprise after the incident and that Pipero’s husband had not been breath tested.

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