Another icon, the Ferrari Daytona SP3 debuts in Italy

Italy has another element in the Icona series, the Ferrari Daytona SP3, a Targa model that comes to revive a classic car from the 1967 24 Hours of Daytona. Presented at the Mugello Circuit in Tuscany, the Rampant Horse Bolide is another gem for few.

With all 599 units priced at €2 million each, this sculptural carbon fiber masterpiece was inspired by models like the iconic Ferrari 350 Can-Am, 330 and Daytona P4 to take a retro yet aerodynamic look.

Another icon, the Ferrari Daytona SP3 debuts in Italy

Visually, the front optical group, which is darker and thinner, stands out on the fluid base of the hood, with a huge opening at the bottom to accentuate the spoiler in glossy black. The Curved Grill with a Chrome Maranello Horse on a Metallic Weight is delicious.

With mirrors over the fenders, the Ferrari Daytona SP3 features air vents above the hood and a curved front windshield, which covers almost half of the cabin. The doors have an air intake that leads directly to the central engine.

Another icon, the Ferrari Daytona SP3 debuts in Italy

The base of the body is in exposed carbon, while the rear is flanked by a string of LEDs such as a flashlight, as well as deeply embedded horizontal moldings. It gets two rectangular ends above the exhaust plate and bumper and it gets an attractive air diffuser.

The interior consists of two seats that are joined by a blue Alcantara finish, which also covers the dashboard. The infotainment cluster is very wide and full, while the steering wheel is very full but not impressive.

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Another icon, the Ferrari Daytona SP3 debuts in Italy

Shell-style seats have four-point belts, but with separate adjustable headrests. The retractable roof is electrically activated within seconds to open or close.

Above the body, already under a massive central diffuser, an aspirated 6.5 V12 reaches 9,500 rpm to deliver 840 horsepower and 65.7 kgfm, along with an automatic dual-clutch seven-speed gearbox, which puts all its power behind puts in the wheels.

Another icon, the Ferrari Daytona SP3 debuts in Italy

With forged aluminum wheels and Pirelli P Zero 265/30 ZR20 tires at the front and 345/30 ZR21 at the rear, this Icona would fly from Ferrari stable to 100 km/h in 2.85 seconds or 200 km/h in 7.4 seconds. Is. Maximum 341 km/h.

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