Another Tesla Model Y Crash (+ photo)

Another Tesla Model Y Crash (+ photo)

The electric car ignored the traffic lights blocking the signal and crashed into the truck at high speed. Is “autopilot” to blame again?

Last week, Ocean Media reported that in Detroit, USA, a Tesla Model Y crashed into a police patrol, but the crossover driver claimed that the car was activated in autonomous driving mode.

A few days passed and another Tesla Model Y had a serious accident – at an intersection of Detroit Street, at half past four in the morning, an electric crossover ignored the red traffic light signal and crashed into a freezer at a high speed Gone. A few meters before the truck stopped, the car got stuck under a semi-trailer and it was trampled.

The driver and his partner were rushed to the hospital, and the 21-year-old girl is badly hurt and is in critical condition.

Police report that experts are analyzing data from a Tesla on-board computer, but all indications are that the accident was caused by high speed and ignoring a traffic light, but the car was in human hands at the time.

The final analysis of the initial version by the police requires further analysis of the electronic data, which will be obtained from the car’s black box and SD card.

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