Anyone traveling abroad should heed the rules of shopping

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Anyone wishing to travel abroad should heed the rules of purchase when returning to Brazil.

According to Federal Revenue, every traveler has the right to purchase up to US$1,000 of product in order to avoid paying an import tax.

This account does not include items for personal use that are essential for travel, such as clothing, cell phones or watches. But, attention, traveler must to keep Put to good use on time or on the go.

student Lucas Matias Martins traveled to the United States last month and said he planned not to to keep Problems with customs on the way back to Brazil: ,I recently traveled to Miami in the United States, where I bought a phone, so when I returned to Brazil going through all the standard customs and IRS procedures, I wondered about the possibility of them being taxed on the things I brought. I was calm. Because I knew I had a $1,000 tolerance fee which is exempt.”

Goods that exceed the exemption quota of US$ 1,000 must be declared, and the amount of tax to be paid is 50% with respect to the amount exceeding the rate.

Items in cash, national or foreign currency, over R$10,000 and under the control of sanitation, agriculture and military surveillance must also be declared.

Replicas of firearms, animals, plants and pirated products are some of the items prohibited from entering Brazil. Feather site It is possible to use the complete list and the relevant rules for the entry of goods into the country.

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These properties can be declared online by door, Advance payment speeds up the customs process.

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