Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins died at 90

Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins died at 90

Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin, crew of the historic Apollo 11 mission (Photo: NASA)

American astronaut Michael Collins, who was in the Apollo 11 command module on July 20, 1969, while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin traveled to the lunar surface to become the first humans to walk on the moon, at the age of 90 on Wednesday (28) He died in Older, informed the family.

A family statement said Collins died of cancer.

Often described as the third “forgotten” astronaut on a historic mission, Collins was alone for more than 21 hours until two of his colleagues returned to the lunar module. He would lose contact with mission control every time he was in Houston as the spacecraft orbited the dark side of the moon.

“Since Adam, no human has known as much loneliness as Mike Collins,” recorded the mission diary, referring to the Bible diary.

Collins wrote an article of his experiences in the 1974 autobiography Biography Carrying the Fire, but practically avoided any form of public life.

“I know I would be a liar or a fool if I said that I have the best of the three Apollo 11 seats, but I can say with truth and equality that I am completely satisfied with what I have, “Collins said in the comments released 2009 by the United States (NASA) Aerospace Agency.

He survived much of the media with which astronauts returned upon Earth, and later criticized the cult of celebrity several times.

His strongest memory of Apollo 11 was looking at the Earth, which he called “fragile”.

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