Apparently the OnePlus 95G is leaked with some specs – hopefully coming here

Apparently the OnePlus 95G is leaked with some specs - hopefully coming here

However we have a lot of equipment here in Australia, and a few years ago we didn’t have a OnePlus venture on our seafront except for a small disruption. That doesn’t stop us from doing what they want though and every year we hope that next year will be one that changes everything. That’s why we continue to cover OnePlus phones wherever we can.

OnePlus 95G has received weekend photos PhoneArena Shows some screenshots as well as some specs of the device. The OnePlus 95G OnePlus’ will be a slightly lower premium device with all the specs of the Pro version.

The OnePlus 95G features a new camera module in a silver color display with two main cameras, one large and one surrounded by a circle. The third smaller camera lens sits in front of the vertical “Ultrashot”, likely to be branded OnePlus for their upcoming camera feature.

As for the front, it bears a striking resemblance to this year’s models with a selfie cutout hole in the upper left of the bezel-less 1080P 6.55-inch 120Hz display near the OnePlus. The frame seems to be made of aluminum with similar ports located at the same locations as this year’s models. Alert Slider which is unique for OnePlus in Android World still exists thanks to the goodness.

There will be a Snapdragon 888 (Conn Lehna) and at least 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage – according to a screenshot of the specs obtained by Fonera – we expect a 12 GB / 256 GB model as well. The phone comes with a 4,500mAh battery which will undoubtedly support Warp Charge 65 (65W Fast Charging).

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We will definitely keep in touch with OnePlus regarding their plans for us here in Australia. We can only hope that they will see Australia as a viable option to improve sales in what we all hope will be a post-epidemic world.

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