Apple AirTag Helps Man Recover Stolen Car Worth R$900,000 wearable

Apple AirTag Helps Man Recover Stolen Car Worth R$900,000  wearable

digital tracker airtag ,Apple) helped a man find his stolen car on the streets of Toronto, Canada’s largest city. Apple’s tracking devices were instrumental in helping trace a Canadian The cost of the Land Rover vehicle is approximately R$900,000 . Is, The case dates back to last week, when the criminals took possession of the car parked in front of the victim’s house.

Less than three months ago, another car belonging to a man identified as Lorne was stolen. So, he got three. decided to put airtag In your Range Rover autobiography. Locators were scattered throughout the vehicle: One in the glove compartment, one in the spare tire of a car and a third under the rear seat,

Car stolen in Canada – Photo: Reproduction / CTV News

The victim said that she used to park her car in her garage. However, on Wednesday (22) of last week, they stopped the Range Rover on the road. The next morning, around 8:30, the Canadian was woken up by her young children, who were screaming that the car had gone.

After intimidation, man uses official tool Search from Apple (Find My), used to find devices, and Each AirTag. discovered the geographical location of who was in the car. The location indicated by the instruments was a metal recycling centerA district in the state of Scarborough, Ontario.

The Range Rover was located by Airtag at a metal recycling center in an industrial area – Photo: Reproduction / Google Maps

man went to that place and Called the police, but initially the call was not answered, After this he reached the police station, where action was taken. A Toronto Police spokesman confirmed to local media that a notification had been received that day. Nine vehicles were found, but officials gave more details as this is an ongoing investigation.

This isn’t the first time Apple’s device has helped a user find a good one. The case of a traveler in April whoI am AirTag to charge a return fee of a bag Lost by an airline.

The Apple AirTag is used to locate objects via the Buscar app and doesn’t require a direct internet connection – Photo: Thassius Veloso / Techtudo

with information from CP24

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