Apple announces new iPad Pro, iMacs and iPhone 12 in purple; See prices in Brazil. Technology

Apple announces new iPad Pro, iMacs and iPhone 12 in purple;  See prices in Brazil.  Technology

a Apple In an online program (20) on Tuesday, a new generation of iPad Pro and new iMac computers with processors developed by the company were announced.

In brazil The tablet will start at R $ 10,799, while the computer will start at R $ 17,599 (See details below).

Hey iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini Also present with the arrival of a new color: purple.

The cell phone, which has been on sale in Brazil since November, costs $ 6,999 – the company has not confirmed when the visual option will arrive in the country. In the United States, the novelty can be purchased from Friday (23).

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini in purple color. – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

The most powerful version of the Apple tablet now comes with the same processor found on the computers of the brand, the M1 chip, which Launched on the laptop late last year.

According to the company, this change brings 50% more processing speed and 40% more graphics performance than the previous model.

IPad Pro now supports technology 5g, To connect to better camera and thunderbolt input accessories.

The new iPad Pro are compatible with accessories such as keyboards. – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

The smaller version will be sold for R $ 10,799, while the major portion of R $ 14,799 – Prices depend on the chosen storage.

Option with 12.9 inches, 5G and 2 TB of space, for example, cost R $ 29,999.

The company did not disclose when sales started in Brazil.

New iMac colors. – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

Apple’s “all-in-one” computer had not received a visual update in years.

Now, it will be available in 7 colors (green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue and silver), with a straight line design “50% less heavy”, according to the company.

The model also includes the company-built processor, the M1.

The prices Varies between R $ 17,599 and R $ 22,599, Depending on the processor, chose accessories and storage.

Along with the computer, Apple released a new version of its mouse and keyboard, now with a fingerprint reader to unlock the computer.

Apple’s keyboard now comes with TouchID, fingerprint reader. The model comes with an iMac priced at R $ 20,099. – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

The company has not yet released when sales start in the country.

Apple also showed AirTags, a pendant that can be placed on objects so that they can be searched more easily through the “Search” application on the iPhone.

Connected via Bluetooth, the tags communicate with each other and with cell phones that show the location of objects on a map or emit audible alerts.

The unit will be sold for R $ 369, Simple Package with 4 tags for R $ 1,249. The start date of the sale has not been revealed.

In February, the Samsung launches a similar product in Brazil From R $ 199.

New Apple TV 4K announced on April 20, 2021. – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

The company also announced a new generation of Apple TVs, a device that adds smart TV functionality to traditional TVs and promises greater integration with iPhones and iPads on TVs.

The product features 4K resolution support and a new remote control that can receive voice commands via Apple’s virtual assistant Siri.

An Apple TV 4K Will cost from 2,399 – There is still no date of arrival in the country.

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