Apple begins manufacturing iPhone 13 in India

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Apple officially started construction iphone In India from this Monday (11). Information speculated for some timeBut now it has been confirmed by the company itself to the news agency. Reuters,

The plant in question belongs to partner Foxconn and is located in the southern region of the country in the city of Sriperumbudur in the state of Tamil Nadu. In addition to the current line of cell phones, family members iphone 13Other advanced equipment can be produced locally, including the assembly of ipad, There, the equipment of the previous lines has already been produced, such as iphone 12 it is iPhone SE 2,


This is part of Maki’s current strategy to diversify its production line. Thus, at the same time it undermines China’s independence, it expands its presence in other markets of high importance to the company, such as India and the United States.

The issue of tax is also at stake in this case, with India offering more attractive prices in taxes.

Nevertheless, there has already been some turmoil in the relationship between the brand and the country. in 2020Apple temporarily ended production of iPhones in India due to the country’s political conflicts with China, but soon resumed activities. at the end of the same year, factory attack resumed operations for a short time.

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