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again, Apple The MacBook is facing class action for failures. In the United States, a federal judge says the Cupertino company sold the device with a problematic screen despite being aware of the problem. In addition, there was a time when Apple did not want to repair it. The action includes a MacBook Pro with “stage lighting” failure.

MacBook Pro (Image: Paulo Higa / Technoblog)

According to PCMagMacBook Pro screen problems were revealed in 2016, when the company renewed the generation of the Touch Bar. Users complained about a bug known as “stage light”, an effect that produces “spots” below the display.

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“Stage Light” Effect on MacBook Pro (Image: Playback / 9to5mac)

According to IFixit, this happened because Apple started using thin ribbon cables, which caused tears and, as a result, the “stage light” problem. In some situations, the screen failed completely due to extensive pauses.

For a short time, these cables have started to get tired and break. The backlight cable is usually first depleted, causing the notorious “stage light” symptom and eventually exits completely when the laptop is opened at more than about 40 °.

I fixed it

For Federal Judge Edward Davila, the company was aware of the failure during the sale. “The court believes that the pre-launch test claim in combination with allegations of substantial customer complaints is sufficient to show that Apple had exclusive knowledge of the alleged defect,” Davila wrote.

The lawsuit also states that Apple has also erased complaints in the official support community on the matter. After ignoring the problem, he started a “MacBook Pro Screen Backlight Maintenance Program”, but exclusive to the 13-inch model. That is, the owners of 15-inch MacBooks were not taken service. With this, collective action only serves those consumers with the 15 inch version.

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