Learn how much CEOs of America’s top companies earned in 2020

Learn how much CEOs of America's top companies earned in 2020

The median salary of CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) of the largest companies in the United States reached $13.4 million in 2020 (annual value). This is the 5th consecutive year of earning records for the group. The list was released on Tuesday (June 1, 2021) wall street journalhandjob based on data from MyLogIQ.

According to the newspaper’s analysis, the majority of CEOs of companies listed on the S&P 500 index received at least 5% growth, while companies posted nearly 8% annual returns to shareholders.

Most of the companies headed by the highest paid CEOs in 2020 are new names in the list. Many create markets that were at high levels during the pandemic, such as Activision Blizzard Inc., which makes electronic games, and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.Biotechnology giant.

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best performance

According to the analysis, the 5 companies that achieved the highest rate of return to shareholders in 1 year reported lower-than-average compensation for CEOs.

a TeslaDirected by Elon Musk, tops the list. In 2020, the return was 743.4%, and there was no fixed payout to the CEO. However, according to estimates, he received around US$11 billion. Forbes. The amount was part of their compensation plan based on the targets being met.

female representation

In 2020, only 22 women headed companies listed on the S&P 500 Index. The median salary was similar for men: $13.6 million compared to $13.4 million.

2021 edition of annual list, despite less number of women running majors in 2020 Fortune 500 Points to a more positive outlook for female representation in the leadership of organisations.

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magazine annual list fate Which compiles the top 500 corporate and professional names in the United States, counting 41 women among this year’s top business managers, a record number. Two of them are black.

This number shows an 8.1% increase in the presence of women in executive positions.

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