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Although traditionally the most important Apple devices debuted in the fall, the company presented an unusually large amount of news during yesterday’s first event this year. Renewed iMac desktops, next-generation iPad tablets, long-awaited airtags, and other news have seen the light of day. Bit Profai told the media in a press release about Apple’s spring event.

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“During the first event of this year, Apple focused on the iMac desktop computer. After a hiatus of nearly seven years, the company introduced a new model that no longer has an Intel processor. The iPad Pro line has also changed a lot – Their power is finally on par with the computer. The event also introduced the “Spring” Purple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini models. The long-awaited airtag tracker, designed to be attached to various objects, is a delight for fans. Surprise has been made – it will make it even easier to find lost items, ”says Karolis ल Jelliaskas, an expert on smart devices from Bitole.

IPad Pro is like a computer

The new 11-inch (about 28 cm) and 12.9-inch (about 33 cm) iPad Pro computers are almost indistinguishable from their predecessors introduced yesterday. Apple has introduced 5G technology and USB-C (Thunderbolt 4) support, and continues to opt for an angled aluminum case. The only difference was that it was half a millimeter thick in the larger model. The reason for this change is the performance of completely new mini LED technology.

“The main advantage of this solution is that the screen is not uniformly illuminated, but will be divided into thousands of smaller areas, of which the illumination can be adjusted independently. This will make the darker tone darker, very contrasting More and brighter the color, “explains the expert. He notes that the benefits of the new screen will be most appreciated by those watching high-quality movies or series, who will better reveal subtle details and shadows from now on. Misfortune However, only the owners of the larger iPad Pro will be able to feel it – the 11-inch (about 28 cm) model’s screen remains the same as its predecessor.

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The iPad Pro tablet has a powerful M1 processor, which has been installed on the Mac since last year. The new tablets will be able to handle the most complex tasks, such as editing videos, creating complex graphics, or working with multiple programs at once. Apple has also improved the iPad Pro’s front camera, which is now able to track a moving person and thus diversify video calls. The newly integrated microphones with the camera allow you to create professional video reports without the need for any additional accessories.

Colorful iMacs with a spice of nostalgia

The iMac was designed for the seventh consecutive year, so the company has overhauled it. One of the most notable differences is the even five body color variants, which have so far replaced only one silver. Buyers can now collect yellow, orange, pink, purple and blue. A pleasant spice of nostalgia is the fact that the color palette echoes the design icon called iMac G3, which appeared back in 1998.

“The design of the new iMac has also changed: The computer now offered to consumers has a 24-inch (about 61 cm) diagonal screen with thinner edges. The device also got rid of the thick bottom frame with the Apple logo. , Tangibly called “Chin.” Apple estimates that the iMac will come in at 50 percent because of these changes. Less space on the desk.

The iMacs are no longer inside the iMac, and the new desktop PCs include the M1 chip, which debuted on the MacBook and Mac Mini lines last year, making up 85 percent of the new iMacs. Faster than its predecessor. Apple’s own processor has already become famous for low power consumption. Bit Profas is sure that this component will allow the iMac to run much faster, turn on faster, and cool down, as the M1 chip emits less heat and does not require much cooler work.

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The new iMac comes with a full HD resolution camera with a larger sensor. This update was needed to allow negotiators to see a better image, especially during video calls. The computer keyboard Apple Keyboard has also been updated, with a special button for the touch keyboard and spotlight search. Apple will also offer a Magic Mouse with new colors to match colored iMac cases.

Viewers will be saved by airtag tracker

Rumors of an American company-developed item tracker have been circulating since 2019, but only yesterday the technology giant launched a round AirTag add, which will make it even easier to find lost items.

The airtag is very small and can be attached to a key, wallet, work bag or other important items that we are afraid of losing. It differs from other trackers in that it not only uses Bluetooth, but also has a new UWB connection, providing greater tracking accuracy. The AirTag is also water resistant – it can be immersed for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter (IP67). The tracker has a one-year battery that can be replaced by users.

“The operation of the tracker is quite simple – the airtag maintains contact with the user’s phone. When the connection is lost, a warning message appears on the screen, and the person can always see where the item is found in my app. Was abandoned. At that time, if the object is lost in a room or surrounding environment, the phone will bring it along with audio or on-screen instructions, “the expert details.

K. inexpensivepiliauskas notices that this inexpensive accessory probably won’t protect against theft, but it will make life a lot easier for distracted consumers.

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The new iPhone 12 color more comfortable Apple TV 4K remote control

Apple has also introduced purple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini smartphones. So far, consumers have chosen from white, black, green, red and blue. True, the iPhone 12 Pro devices have not yet turned purple.

Another updated device, the Apple TV 4K set-top box, features an A12 bionic chip and a radically updated control panel design. The new device’s AirPlay feature supports high HDR refresh rates when streaming video from the iPhone 12 Pro. You’ll find several new buttons on the Siri remote control – a physical on / off button and a mute button. According to Apple, it is more convenient for users to store this remote due to the solid aluminum case.

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