Apple removes apps promoting parties in epidemic

Apple removes apps promoting parties in epidemic

American platform Wbe together announced ‘meetings every weekend’ for thousands of its users.

An American app promoting private parties during the Kovid-19 epidemic has been removed from Apple Applications Technology company store, application store.

Vibe tells himself to “find, participate and host a private community” together.

A recent video in his account on the social network Ticktock states that the tool held private parties every weekend.

Although his account on the platform, as well as his own website, have been withdrawn, the company has promised to return to activities.

“The App Store took us down! We’ll be back! Follow to stay updated!”, The company said in its account details on Instagram.

how does it work

Users of the application were required to submit a profile for approval, including an Instagram identifier, as well as photo “partying”, reported to news portal The Verge.

Once activated, users can sign up to attend parties. And their participation will be approved by the organizers.

Successful candidates receive an address two hours before the event.

An application representative told The Verge that the tool had a few thousand users.

New York Times correspondent Taylor Lorenz shared footage of the promotional video of the app released, writing, “Some terrifying people have created an app to find and promote big, secret and insecure parties and reach out to millions of people Using TikTok. ” On TikTok.

The video showed people dancing and announced a New Year’s Eve party in New York.

But in New York, indoor and outdoor meetings are limited to 10 people, and bars and restaurants are closed.

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Tiktok told the BBC that the account was removed for violating community guidelines. The profile had only 139 followers and three videos.

The Vibe Together app did not respond to a request for comment on the report.

However, a page on their website, which has now been removed, said: “We know that Kovid is a major health problem … It is very dangerous to have large-scale parties. That’s why we don’t support it We do.”

“But Wybe is a middle ground, without big parties, but small meetings. We can stay, at least during those times, with Wybe.”

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