Apple says Epic’s Fornet payment plan is a “theft period.”

Fornet Indicates an optional payment plan "Theft" Via Epic Games. “/>
Make it bigger / Apple gives an example here ForniteThe alternative payment scheme on iOS is the amount of “theft” by Epic Games.

Running offensively in Apple Its constant legal battles with epic games On the iOS version of Fornite. In A comprehensive resolution was introduced on Tuesday afternoon, Apple defended itself against the epic’s legal charges while continuing to make such allegations Fornite Violators and thieves in a countersuit.

Apple writes, “While Epic presents itself as a modern corporate robin hood, it’s actually a multi-billion dollar venture that doesn’t want to pay anything for the hefty price it receives from the App Store.” Writes.

Who pays whom?

In its own legal filings, Epic in the section seeks to authorize the so-called “competitive payment process on iOS” by going around the in-app purchase system built into the iOS App Store. The epic tried to do so unilaterally last month Adding discounted Epic Direct payment options to the iOS version Fornite, A trick that led Apple to ban Epic from the App Store completely.

In addition to breach of contract, Apple claims in its motion that the epic summons in the proven payments was a “Trojan horse” that is “slightly more than stolen.” Using a “hotfix” update method that was deliberately hidden from the general App Store review process, Apple says that Epic “tried to enjoy all the benefits of Apple’s iOS platform and related services.” [lining] Epic pockets at Apple’s expense. “

In a later move, Apple says the introduction of direct payments into the game through Epic is “theft, expiration.”

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Epic has happily agreed to the terms of Apple’s contract to access iOS development since 2008, Apple writes, earning more than 600 600 million from App Store sales during that period. The fact that Epic no longer accepts the deal “does not provide Epic with a cover for violating the binding agreement, imitating a longtime business partner, Pocket Commission, which is properly affiliated with Apple.” And then this court is asked to take a judicial sledgehammer. Apple writes that the most innovative business platform of the 21st century simply because it does not raise the maximum revenue of the epic.

Apple said the 30 percent iOS sales commission that tried to bring Epic around is much more than a simple fee for the payment process. Instead, the fee “represents the immense value of the App Store, which exceeds the cost of its components, and includes Apple’s technology, tools, software for app development and testing, marketing efforts, platinum-level customer service, And includes developer distribution. ‘Apps and digital content. “It includes more than 150,000 APIs that Apple has built to facilitate iOS development, the company writes, as well. Metal Graphics API The epic itself has been praised in the past.

In a letter to Epic in July, Apple wrote in response to Apple’s request, “The App Store is not a public facility.” Epic has no right to claim “all benefits provided by Apple and the App Store without payment.” The company said.

No, you can’t have your own App Store

In Its own recent filing“It’s not trying to force Apple to provide free distribution and processing services, nor is Epic trying to enjoy Apple’s services without paying them,” says Epic.

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Instead, Epic says it wants “the freedom not to use Apple’s App Store or IAP and, instead, to use and offer competing services on Apple’s hardware.” As it can on Windows PC. This is not possible, however, because Epic says that Apple has a monopoly on the market for all iOS software.

Apple directly states in its motion that it is “not the monopoly of any affiliate market” and that they are “terrible at every level, both inside and outside the App Store: for devices, platforms and personal apps.” More than that, however, Apple says that all iOS purchases are made through the App Store Basics “to ensure that iOS apps meet Apple’s high standards for privacy, security, content and quality.”

Apple cited the example of Epic on its other platforms as proof of this need. When the epic began Is distributing the Android version of Fornite Independently in 2018, Apple writes that “instant sites that don’t just advertise Android appeared. Fornite But the malware in the game also distributed. Apple also quoted Security Weakness The freely distributed Android version is proof that iOS security is essential.

Apple writes, “While Apple does not leave any developer to keep the iOS platform safe and secure, Epic in particular has shown that it cannot be given this kind of responsibility.

In addition to the damages and penalties associated with contract breaches and other related breaches, Apple is seeking an injunction to prevent Epic from continuing to use its own external payment processing method. Current copies of the iOS version of Fornite Or future apps.

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